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Question for a picture.

Hey there.
I was wondering if anyone still has that "bench photo" of The Drive, when Ben was still a part of the band. I think it was from Skate and Surf. [Maybe? I don't know.]
It was all of the guys sitting on a bench, and the photo was taken from behind.
If you have it, could you comment with it? Thanksss.

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...i have the top part from their site where it said like..."The Drive" and then it had them sitting on the bench but it doesn't have the whole bench picture...did u try asking Brent???
No, I never did ask him...
i could probably get it for you... i live with john. aim:thedrivechieda
Mmk. Thank you!
I will IM you the next time I see you're on.
awwwwwww...always coming to the rescue...well aren't u just so sweet...hehe...lata
well try that and see if he has it...cuz i think out of all the people he would have it...but i dunno
I printed one out and stuck it on my door. You can have it but then it's my only one.