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[29 Dec 2004|10:29pm]

the new band sounds good.
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[04 Sep 2004|10:14pm]

does anyone have that song fastfood weekend? it was like 30 seconds long. pretty old. anyone? IM me if you have it xrockwithoutroll.
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[28 Jun 2004|11:03am]

so after waiting like 500 years i finally got to order the truth about liars cd from interpunk.com i'm very happy i'm going to get my cd.
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[08 Jun 2004|05:27pm]

Viva la Sean, Brent, John, and Nick. Lets hear some shit men, Im stoked.
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Question for a picture. [09 Mar 2004|06:00pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey there.
I was wondering if anyone still has that "bench photo" of The Drive, when Ben was still a part of the band. I think it was from Skate and Surf. [Maybe? I don't know.]
It was all of the guys sitting on a bench, and the photo was taken from behind.
If you have it, could you comment with it? Thanksss.


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[03 Feb 2004|08:03pm]

i posted this in the fake id community, too.

how about a fake id reunion? just for one show. i don't know who reads this but it would be great.
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so when we rule the world... [12 Dec 2003|04:08pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

You know what, is it just me or does Ben's voice sound like the singer of Tokyo Rose?

I miss Ben.

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Nick Herrick [04 Nov 2003|05:03pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Nick Herrick - the coolest kid ever. Who agrees?

-Dusty Hall

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[27 Oct 2003|10:44pm]

I have one of the promo stickers for The Drive's "The Truth About Liars EP". Any takers? only $1 and a stamp...
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[28 Sep 2003|06:44am]

Faraway, The Cadence, 2 For 1, 34 Spoons, and The Receiving End of Sirens

Norwood American Legion
37 Chapel Court
Norwood, MA 02062
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<3 you'll be missed [20 Sep 2003|08:56pm]

[ mood | sad ]

That sucks so much. But it is so awsome how popular they are. And how they made there dreams come true and have so much fans. They did an exellent job.And i know the other band will be great also. I wish i could buy the van..so i could say it belongd to the drive. Thank goodness i have there cd. Phew.

R.I.P :(

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[20 Sep 2003|06:28pm]

[ mood | sadness ]

holy crap... they broke up

this makes me very sad.

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[06 Sep 2003|12:03pm]

oh my god, nick's out of the band? why?
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[01 Sep 2003|05:40pm]
The Drive are awesome.
Unfortunately, I've only gotton to see them twice. (But once was with Martin, so that's okay.)
I hope they go on tour again soon.
And maybe another show with treos?
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reminder [22 Aug 2003|12:36pm]

Friday August 22nd
Middleboro Parish Hall, 340 Center Street, Middleboro Massachusetts
5-10pm $5
Hidden In Plain View (Newest Drive Thru Records Band!)
Junction 18 (Fearless Records)
The Receiving End Of Sirens
The Upper Hand
Downside Promise
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[04 Aug 2003|05:09pm]

hello everyone im Joan,i live in Norton mass and im 15.

<333 Joan
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[03 Aug 2003|09:30pm]

MA Show everone needs to check out!

Friday August 22nd
Middleboro Parish Hall, 53 Oak Street, Middleboro MA
5-10pm $5
Hidden In Plain View (Newest Drive Thru Records Band!)
Junction 18 (Fearless Records)
The Receiving End Of Sirens
The Upper Hand
Downside Promise

hope to see everyone there!
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and you never would have thought in the end how amazing it feels just to live again [29 Jul 2003|05:15pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

i miss you guys so much! me and morgen might not go down to the tennessee show...sorry...but shes not coming home til the 9th and thats a whole hell of a lot of driving. we're hoping to catch one of the last 3, or maybe all of them...we'll have to see. keep rockin the country's socks off my darlings. <3 see you soon


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[27 Jul 2003|05:26pm]

This just in from Longview, WA:

Brent beat the crap out of Martin with his guitar, and Sean slapped him up like a little girl. Martin tried to drown Brent in a fit of revenge, but the club owner broke that up before anything was achieved. After the show, Sean was molested behind the stage by an unidentified white male.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. Okay, you can make this stuff up, but the truth is there, buried under all the shit.
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[21 Jul 2003|03:20pm]


^check it out..its a cool community that makes/ takes request to make icons..layouts..banners or w/e! go join!
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